Near (whitestlie) wrote in dndressing,

[In Person] - Let's get this party STARTED

[You go back to your place after a long day of whatever, and right as you walk through the door, confetti explodes all around you, loud party music plays, and a banner labelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" descends from the ceiling. Though it's probably not even your birthday.

Futhermore, kneeling on the floor right in the middle of the living room or what ever room first greets you upon entering is this weird little white-haired guy. He's probably stacking something, and it's probably something that belongs to you.

How did he get here? What's up with the party music and Happy Birthday banners? He doesn't know. You sure as heck don't know, but there's nothing to be done about it now.


(ooc: Rule 1: No killing Near. GDIT you ppl.

Rule 2: Once you enter the room, you CANNOT leave. There's like a barrier or something preventing it. So deal!

Rule 3: Whatever other effects you'd like to add, feel free to specify in ooc comment/title or imply it in dialogue! Whether it be sudden compulsion to dance, spontaneous memory loss and recovery, speaking in pig-latin, idk and idc! Just go w/it ppl.)
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