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Light Yagami (夜神 月)


[A voice that comes out as an inhuman hybrid of strangled half sob, half outraged howl comes through the speakers.]

Dad?! DAD, This is all-!!

[The sentence fades out, replaced by a perpetual ringing of exploded gunpowder inaudible to all but the owner of the voice being broadcast. Eyes squeezed shut in anticipation of the bullet boring through his skull like rice paper, means for a few minutes, only the sound of heavy breathing can be heard. He still feels alive--a bullet couldn't take this long, not at this range, right?--but maybe it's already over. Quick and painless. Is Light supposed to feel grateful? No. No, he doesn't. He doesn't know what to feel. Fear. Adrenaline. The beating of his heart. ...Wait. Fear and panic rapidly give way to confusion. Light finally opens his eyes.]

I... where? Where am I?

[He isn't where he was a few minutes ago. There's no leather seat, no tearful Misa. No father in sight. Just- he rubs his eyes, knocking the table next to him with an elbow. A clattering sound is heard as the phone falls to the ground.]

....I... [A dry, hoarse laugh accompanies sudden comprehension. The afterlife. Who knew the afterlife existed?]

Th- that's it... then? I-.... I'm... that's... not....

[An odd choking noise, as though someone is trying to breathe and swallow at the same time.]

...not funny...
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