Mail "M²" Jeevas (100percentmail) wrote in dndressing,
Mail "M²" Jeevas

[Faceless Accidental Video]

[The video is mainly his clothing, telltale vest, gloves and the shirt sleeves that should be familiar to some.

It was a huge shock to him, he's sure when he felt the blood dripping from holes in his body, he wouldn't wake back up. Seems he was wrong in so many ways.

He's huffed and stared and contemplated, looked around and tried to find familiar faces/places. Nothing seems different and yet everything seems the same, he's wearing his same outfit. Minus the holes. He's still him, minus (again) any holes; it looks like, judging from the system, he's not the only confused one.

Does it really matter? No not really. As long as there's no pitch forks, no flames or brimstone, lakes of fire and or devils, then this may not be so bad.

Afterlife or no.]

This is thoroughly messed right the hell up.

[It's under his breath, or so he thinks, that he's speaking and the video shorts out somewhat after that being as he's patting down his vest with the same hand the phone is in for where he last left his vice.]
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