Beyond Birthday (hisfadingshadow) wrote in dndressing,
Beyond Birthday

[Accidental Audio / In Person]

[Beyond was standing in the city of Tokyo, looking around. He was creepily calm, considering the fact that he had just randomly disappeared from jail in California and reappeared in Harajuku. Actually, he thought that the change was rather nice. Not that he cared for it. He didn't care for much these days.
Slowly, almost grotesquely so, he started walking, softly humming
a song. Anybody familar with the anime, will recognize it as "Egao ga Suki Dakara (I like your smile best)" the first ending song of Akazukin Chacha.

Naturally a lot of people turned around to look after the man with the bandages over his left eye and the burn-scars over and over. Beyond didn't mind. All those lifespans he walked past... he saw them, but didn't care. Neither did he care where he was walking. He'd deal with that by the moment he got there.]


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