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[In Person] - Let's get this party STARTED

[You go back to your place after a long day of whatever, and right as you walk through the door, confetti explodes all around you, loud party music plays, and a banner labelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" descends from the ceiling. Though it's probably not even your birthday.

Futhermore, kneeling on the floor right in the middle of the living room or what ever room first greets you upon entering is this weird little white-haired guy. He's probably stacking something, and it's probably something that belongs to you.

How did he get here? What's up with the party music and Happy Birthday banners? He doesn't know. You sure as heck don't know, but there's nothing to be done about it now.


(ooc: Rule 1: No killing Near. GDIT you ppl.

Rule 2: Once you enter the room, you CANNOT leave. There's like a barrier or something preventing it. So deal!

Rule 3: Whatever other effects you'd like to add, feel free to specify in ooc comment/title or imply it in dialogue! Whether it be sudden compulsion to dance, spontaneous memory loss and recovery, speaking in pig-latin, idk and idc! Just go w/it ppl.)
Shit on a stick I'm screwed


[A voice that comes out as an inhuman hybrid of strangled half sob, half outraged howl comes through the speakers.]

Dad?! DAD, This is all-!!

[The sentence fades out, replaced by a perpetual ringing of exploded gunpowder inaudible to all but the owner of the voice being broadcast. Eyes squeezed shut in anticipation of the bullet boring through his skull like rice paper, means for a few minutes, only the sound of heavy breathing can be heard. He still feels alive--a bullet couldn't take this long, not at this range, right?--but maybe it's already over. Quick and painless. Is Light supposed to feel grateful? No. No, he doesn't. He doesn't know what to feel. Fear. Adrenaline. The beating of his heart. ...Wait. Fear and panic rapidly give way to confusion. Light finally opens his eyes.]

I... where? Where am I?

[He isn't where he was a few minutes ago. There's no leather seat, no tearful Misa. No father in sight. Just- he rubs his eyes, knocking the table next to him with an elbow. A clattering sound is heard as the phone falls to the ground.]

....I... [A dry, hoarse laugh accompanies sudden comprehension. The afterlife. Who knew the afterlife existed?]

Th- that's it... then? I-.... I'm... that's... not....

[An odd choking noise, as though someone is trying to breathe and swallow at the same time.]

...not funny...

[Faceless Accidental Video]

[The video is mainly his clothing, telltale vest, gloves and the shirt sleeves that should be familiar to some.

It was a huge shock to him, he's sure when he felt the blood dripping from holes in his body, he wouldn't wake back up. Seems he was wrong in so many ways.

He's huffed and stared and contemplated, looked around and tried to find familiar faces/places. Nothing seems different and yet everything seems the same, he's wearing his same outfit. Minus the holes. He's still him, minus (again) any holes; it looks like, judging from the system, he's not the only confused one.

Does it really matter? No not really. As long as there's no pitch forks, no flames or brimstone, lakes of fire and or devils, then this may not be so bad.

Afterlife or no.]

This is thoroughly messed right the hell up.

[It's under his breath, or so he thinks, that he's speaking and the video shorts out somewhat after that being as he's patting down his vest with the same hand the phone is in for where he last left his vice.]

(Sorta accidental?) Video

[First that creepy blond guy tells him he'll get a notebook if he does guard duty, then Ryuk tells him he'll get it if he doesn't do guard duty.

He listened to both, and yet here he is ... still notebookless.]

Aww ... what a drag.

[Sidoh's holding the phone upside down and waving it around. He's seen humans use these before but doesn't really know how to operate one himself.]

Has anyone seen my notebooooooook?

[He sighs then takes a bite from the device, but it's not very effective. He tosses it aside.]
It was up there

01 ∞ Accidental video

[It was when the ability to pay attention to every moment, taking in every nuance and event in an attempt to analyze it had become impossible that L knew something was amiss. Something. Or many things equating to that one—]

Everyone, the Shiniga—

[Attention wavered, internalized to the point where anything beyond his own body, his own heart pounding, then halting in his chest became irrelevant.

That one, defining moment.

A moment that fails to register without the edges blurring, when he thinks back on it now. Now, behind the glass of a large window overlooking the Shibuya district, in a room that he does not recall entering. Minutes. Hours. Years, maybe. There is something that can only be defined as a distinct, grey line between then and now. It holds no substance, no memory. Only an image. That, too, is irrelevant.

And so have L staring, thumb ghosting over his bottom lip lightly, as though lost in thought— or to confirm that any physical sensation at this point is indeed possible. He is focused on the window, on the buildings across and below, on the reflection of his own eyes in the glass. Currently unaware that he is visible to anyone via any device, there is the smallest movement of his lips as he murmurs something too low to hear, shifts on his feet,and otherwise remains unmoving.]

[Accidental Audio / In Person]

[Beyond was standing in the city of Tokyo, looking around. He was creepily calm, considering the fact that he had just randomly disappeared from jail in California and reappeared in Harajuku. Actually, he thought that the change was rather nice. Not that he cared for it. He didn't care for much these days.
Slowly, almost grotesquely so, he started walking, softly humming
a song. Anybody familar with the anime, will recognize it as "Egao ga Suki Dakara (I like your smile best)" the first ending song of Akazukin Chacha.

Naturally a lot of people turned around to look after the man with the bandages over his left eye and the burn-scars over and over. Beyond didn't mind. All those lifespans he walked past... he saw them, but didn't care. Neither did he care where he was walking. He'd deal with that by the moment he got there.]


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It's late and Beyond Birthday walks through a seemingly abandoned building, shoulders slumped as he pushes a cart foward. The wheels squeak and dominate the silence, the noise filling the entire room. Too bright lights shine down upon his ghostly pale face, making it appear to glow.

Beyond stops in his tracks and reaches out for a box, looking over the smiling lady on the front. He places it into the empty cart and then continues on his way, taking his time as he collects various items from the store shelves.

He pushes the squeaky cart up to the lone cash register near the front of the store and an older woman with long fingernails and frightfully teased hair squints at him as she chews her gum slowly on one side of her mouth. Beyond can feel her eyes on him as he bends down to pick up the few things in his cart and place them on the counter. She's suspicious of him and a flicker of rage ignites for a split second. He's young and it's late; she expects him to steal from her dusty old store. His upper lip twitches and he stares down at his black Converse, trying to calm down the screaming in his head.

How dare the miserable old cow accuse him of being a criminal with no reason at all? Why did she think she had the right to judge him as a bad person? He wasn't a bad person, he-

"That'll be 17£, kid." she drones, breaking him from his increasingly sour thoughts.

Beyond shoves a hand in his jeans pocket, pulling out a small lump of crumpled bills. He pulls a twenty from the mess and jams the rest back in his pocket, lifting his head as he hands her the money.

She takes it and takes her time counting the change, "Does your mum and dad know you're out this late?"

Red eyes suddenly flare and he grabs his bag off the counter, watching a spot just over her head as the floating numbers suddenly rapidly go backwards. He watches, transfixed for a moment before a voice in his head pleads for him to relax and the numbers slowly start to climb back up. His eyes move down to her face where she's staring at him, holding his change out.

Beyond takes it from her hand and runs out the door with his bag. He doesn't stop running until he can't breathe and he stops, doubling over and panting as black spots his vision.

He wanted to kill her, wanted to KILL her. Images of the tattered remains of her body filled his head and he shivered, though he wasn't sure why. He half sat, half fell to the ground and continued to breathe hard as he tried to make sense of it. It was far from the first time he had felt like this, but never this strongly for a human. And a complete stranger at that.

Finally, his breathing returned to normal and he went to put the money he was clutching in his pocket when he felt a hardness that hadn't been there before. He reached inside and pulled it out. A phone.

He was staring at it, trying to figure out where it came from when it suddenly vibrated and he jumped, nearly falling over backwards. He touched the screen and brought it to his ear cautiously,


Accidental Video

[ For a full minute, only a field of gray-black can be seen, though what appears to be patches of light scatter and diffuse the monotony. A strange metallic whirring noise-- fan blades rotating slowly, at a somewhat dyssynchronous rhythm--punctuates the otherwise silent atmosphere.

And then.

A sharp intake of breath. Light finally opens his eyes-


[ Scrambling as Light gets to his feet; the phone falls out of his pocket and clatters onto the slick floor. The feed now broadcasts the interior of the Yellowbox in all of its unused glory. ]

...haa... haa... haa...

[ Short pants as Light orients himself. His eyes angrily follow the phone's path, and then dart here-and-there, searching for signs of life. ]

..What the hell is this?